Trees are as close to immortality as the rest of us ever come. ā€” Karen Joy Fowler

I select the finest wood, choosing timber that is solid and durable, as well as beautiful. Every wooden urn is unique, with variations of color, grain texture, figure, and personality. Much of my wood is harvested locally from trees downed by storms or removed for development. My goal is to give these trees ā€œa second lifeā€. Using a band saw mill, the logs are cut into large planks that are carefully sorted and stored for drying.

Wood, that was once a living breathing tree made up mostly of water and sunshine, continues to move with atmospheric changes in humidity even after drying. I design all my wooden urns to allow for these changes by using mitered corners and traditional floating-panel construction. This guarantees superior quality, increased stability, and longevity. Each wooden urn is carefully sanded and hand-finished with a thin varnish to reveal the natural beauty. The simple elegance of design emphasizes the special and innate qualities of the wood.

List of woods (subject to availability)

Monterey Cypress
Old-growth Redwood
California Walnut

Western Red Cedar
Port Orford Cedar