The energy that goes into the craft emanates upon completion. — Om Anand

My work is the heartfelt expression, through the hands, of a deep appreciation for the wonder of life and the natural beauty of wood. Woodworking comes from my core. My work is worship; a way of connecting with my fellow beings as well as with my highest self.

I started out as a carpenter and took great pleasure in building homes. As I refined my skills I felt motivated to work on a more intimate scale, requiring finer details. I turned to furniture design as a more creative outlet, allowing for personal collaboration with clients.

I received classical training as an “old world” woodworker under the inimitable James Krenov. Enduring quality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of this education. For examples, please visit

My goal is to create heirloom-quality wooden objects to be cherished for generations. I was commissioned to build my first wooden cremains box for a very close family member. That was the inspiration for